Lost Girl Characters: Females

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Anonymous said: As weird as it sounds when ever I hear people talk of Copdoc I can't help but think what would MamaKenzi think do on their first date? Would she perp sweat Lauren? pick Tamsin outfit? Try and give her "The Talk?" my mind goes places late at night










I can see it now. Lauren comes over looking to take Tamsin out. And Kenzi opens the door and folds her arms with a, “What no flowers?” And Lauren’s just.. what, I-I didn’t think I needed-

"Oh Lauren!" Tamsin almost bounds down the stairs, tripping steps and catching herself at the last one. Upon seeing Kenzi she would stop and smooth out her attire, brushing that one strand of hair behind her ear. "K-Kenz, um-" she’d begin but Kenzi would hold up a finger and go to her instead.

"Be sure to make her pay for dinner," she’s whisper. "And don’t be out all night long! That outfit is gorg’ on you. I’m glad we picked it out."

"More like you, Kenz-"

"Ohmjee, I totes forgot to have the talk with you!"

"I’ve had the talk!!"

"Lauren, get in here, why are you still standing outside." Kenzi would eye Lauren deathly until she came in and closed the door. Both of them would sit on the couch at her beckoning and she’d look at Tamsin after taking a deep breath. "So, you’ll probably be knocking boots tonight and-"

"BYE, KENZI!" Tamsin would shout, grabbing Lauren’s hand fast and running out of the door faster. When they were finally away from Mama!Kenzi’s prying eyes, Tamsin would further look Lauren over, giving her blush after blush with how amazing she looked whilst Lauren did the same to Tamsin. And they’d go to dinner and try not to think of the "talk" waiting for them both, if not one, when they finally got back home.

Somebody did the thing and I wanna know more

Did someone else do it?! I must read!! I just made this up on the top of my head. Lmao


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will do anything for foood

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“But once you start thinking of how you can spend your days and nights with them, what their laugh would sound like in the silence of your thoughts, the way your head might rest on their shoulder perfectly, the way their hair would look in the morning with tangled bed sheets, the way their hand would fit in yours, the way they may like a song, the way their smile would be a reason for you to wake up, and how you want to get to know every bit of their soul - it makes you realize how much you want to have them in your life, and how much you are really screwed.” I think of how nice it would be, to get to know every little bit of you. (via dollpoetry)

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I’d watch it

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